Coming to the Wildfire Theater

Derek Long is an award-winning, bi-coastal actor, producer, and director based in Asheville, NC, who enjoys practicing his art in whatever corner of the globe it takes him. His work can be seen online, on DVD, VOD, cable, and in-person on the stage. Enjoy and come back often for the latest news on Derek Long and his upcoming attractions.

This Spring I'll be back at the fantastic Wildfire Theater directing one of Sam Sheppard's comedic plays. If you aren't already familiar with Simpacito, I urge you to come out to Sherman Oaks and enjoy this exploration of American angst turned into high (and lowbrow) comedy. We'll be up and running in April. Stay tuned for all the details!

Derek Long
Derek Long

A great actor is generous. They're in tune with themselves physically and emotionally. They come to terms with nerves, and work with it. They are present on stage, and they give themselves completely to the other actors, who are able to give back to them. There is give and take. The story is told, and there is total connection with the audience.

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