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Derek Long is an award-winning, bi-coastal actor, producer, and director based in Asheville, NC, who enjoys practicing his art in whatever corner of the globe it takes him. His work can be seen online, on DVD, VOD, cable, and in-person on the stage. Enjoy and come back often for the latest news on Derek Long and his upcoming attractions.

Here is a picture of the cast of the stage reading I'm directing this November 5th, IN KINGS AND FOOLS. What a truly talented group of actors we've assembled: Kevin Ragsdale, Joshua Evans, Arek Pfiefer, Rebecca Taylor, Pete Taylor, Keira Whitaker, Nick Emmett McGee and Caitlin Lawerre. You are a DREAM cast!

Part of the challenge of a larger cast is getting them scheduled for rehearsals, but we finally found a date to agree on, which was last Sunday, held at producer's home. 

We managed to pack in some character discussion, the table read, and had about an hour remaining to get everyone on their feet and actually block some of the scenes. All the actors are getting a good grasp of character, and everyone's banding together to tell the story. 
Like last year's staged reading of WHERE IS EVERYBODY, my plan is to stage as much as we can within reason. There will be some light and sound cues, some costume, some key stage elements…most of the props will be suggested in mime, which is not my favorite choice, but will be more effective than having them described in stage directions.
Our next rehearsal will be at The Garage Nov. 2nd. We'll work on specific scenes, and try to fit in a run-thru, fingers crossed!
I've had very enthusiastic response from the cast so far. Everyone loves the play, and there is palpable energy when the scenes get going….I'd venture to say, when pace is right, even electricity!


Hope to see you a THE GARAGE THEATER this November 5th at 5pm for this great new theater work,. A link for tickets should be available soon!

Derek Long
Derek Long

A great actor is generous. They're in tune with themselves physically and emotionally. They come to terms with nerves, and work with it. They are present on stage, and they give themselves completely to the other actors, who are able to give back to them. There is give and take. The story is told, and there is total connection with the audience.

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