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Derek Long is an award-winning, bi-coastal actor, producer, and director based in Asheville, NC, who enjoys practicing his art in whatever corner of the globe it takes him. His work can be seen online, on DVD, VOD, cable, and in-person on the stage. Enjoy and come back often for the latest news on Derek Long and his upcoming attractions.

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How well do you know your abilities as a performer? How comfortable are you with an audience? There is talent in you that you have not realized yet. And Derek Long's Performance classes will help you find it!


Each class is broken into two parts:

PART I: Movement & Emotion


  • We rediscover how we occupy space, and how we share it with others.
  • We rediscover movement in categories, and how we can be more specific with it.
  • We rediscover body language through mask work, and how we can express beyond facial expressions.
  • We rediscover emotion through our 5 senses, and how we can show feelings in different ways.

PART II: Performance


  • We establish the class as an audience that is safe and accepting.
  • We experience prepared performances of each artist in the class.
  • We share positive feedback and revisit performances after the artist is coached and adjusted.


Whether you're a dancer, actor, musician, or any other artist of performance, here is a class that will help you realize your full potential, and help you give just as much to your audience. Join us!



Adults and Kids 12 and up
  • First class FREE
  • $15/class
  • $130/10 class-card
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit
  • a yoga mat
  • water
  • clothing to move comfortably in
  • socks (we work in socks only, no shoes)
  • a piece to perform (pref. 5 minutes or less): monologue, song, dance, audition copy. (Remember: ages 12 and up, so use discretion in your selection, please.)
Stay tuned for updates on future class schedules and locations!



"Derek is an incredible teacher/actor/guide! His approach is supportive and incredibly relevant. He creates a safe space for people of all backgrounds and experience levels to explore and grow and his methods for approaching the work translates immediately into real-word experience. Can't recommend him enough!"

-Terra K.

"Derek is amazingly intuitive as an actor, teacher and director.  He creates a safe environment to stretch and explore your craft and through his instruction using of the Laban method, I've learned to listen to and trust my physical and emotional impulses in my monologue and scene work. And not only this, Derek is a great, upstanding guy."

-Patty C.

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Derek Long
Derek Long

What I do at the studio is help actors find ways to be great actors. Through various exercises and schools of thought, we find new ways to use physicality and to express emotion. And then the actor can develop the ability to be present and available, to connect with other actors, and connect with the audience. This isn't about me making an actor better, it's about me guiding the actor to find things which were always there.

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